Complete Generator Control Systems

AEC gas generators are the most advanced endothermic gas generators available. They utilize our recently developed high efficiency ReactionCore™ technology to lower the operational cost of producing endothermic gas.

Both the EndoFlex™ and MicroGen™ are equipped with the latest sensors to monitor dew point, unreacted methane and gas consumption through a custom designed touchscreen interface that displays critical measurements.


ReactionCore™ technology is a proprietary generator design that replaces a single large retort with several smaller centrifugally cast retorts to significantly increase the surface area and improve heating efficiency of the reaction chamber. Compared to older large retort designs, ReactionCore™ technology lowers the necessary operating temperature, reducing heat energy consumption for the production of endothermic gas/dissociated ammonia.

Dissociated Ammonia Generator

Calibration Data

Download a Calibration Curve for any Atmosphere Engineering Product. You only need to have the Serial # of the instrument or system.

Example: FM-1270 Please enter a correct serial number.


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